8 de mayo de 2007

Radiohead - Towering Above the Rest (The Complete Recordings) CD 8 / 13

1. the bends (demo)
2. nice dream (demo)
3. an airbag saved my life (early version)
4. paranoid android (early version)
5. subterranean homesick alien (early version)
6. exit music for a film (early version)
7. karma police (early version)
8. electioneering (early version)
9. climbing up the walls (early version)
10. no surprises please (early version)
11. Lucky (Early Version)
12. How To Disappear Completely (Early Version)
13. Motion Picture Soundtrack (Early Version)
14. Life In A Glass House (Early Version)
15. True Love Waits (Early Version)

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