19 de febrero de 2009

Buenas Noticias!!!!


On 20th September, 2008, The Sun announced that Skin and Cass reported a reunion at the end of the year with new music [4]. The rumour was further confirmed on Skin's MySpace page where her status read "Skunk Anansie gigs soon"[5]. The reunion has also been confirmed to the students at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, where Ace is currently one of the tutors, and he has expressed that he will be very much a part of it. Mark confirmed he will complete the line-up in an interview with Drummer Magazine (2008, November Issue). He confirmed that there are plans to release a 'Best Of' and has been working on new material with the band for this. Further confirmation was given, again via MySpace, where Ace set up the bands official page[6]. Various other web sources, such discussions on Skin's forums also further solidify the rumours to be true[7].

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