18 de junio de 2007

Thanatopsis - Axiology (2003)

Te gusta o no... A otra cosa mariposa! más info acá (abajo) afanada de acá
Por si te interesa, está cabeza e´balde...

"...Axiology (Thanatopsis: 2003)
Buckethead goes Smooth Jazz. Really, no joke. Dickerson and Antoun again, but this time the emphasis is on rolling acoustic piano lines and melodic soloing instead of funk grooves and shredding (the sleepy, Bruce Hornsby-like "New Year"). Antoun's drumming is sharp, and Buckethead's tone is amusingly Santanaesque ("Vicious Circle"). Unfortunately, continuing the similarity, many of the compositions are so limp ("Cult Of One") there's nothing his guitar can do to redeem them. When the tunes are good, though, all the piano makes a nice contrast against the occasional rapid-fire guitar runs (the middle of "Pretzel Logic"). Just a couple of tracks don't fit the mold ("Pyre," which starts as low-key funk and ends with a grinding metal riff), and perversely the most interesting tracks are the shortest. (DBW)..."

01 - Nostrum
02 - Pretzel Logic
03 - Vicious Circle
04 - Cult Of One
05 - Pyre
06 - New Year
07 - Gnash
08 - Axiology
09 - Non Sequitur
10 - Top Of The World Ma

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gustav, esta mal la imagen, fijate de repostearla, y el disco del hermano de Rocky pasa lo mismo, saludos!

gustavo m. dijo...

Ahí fué...