7 de diciembre de 2006

Marillion - The Jingle Book (Christmas 2006)

Toda la paja. Pero parece ser algo exclusivo
Vean sino

Every year Marillion send a free christmas CD to its entire fan club all over the world to thank us for our support. The CD cannot be bought and contains many previously unreleased tracks. This is the latest one. Enjoy!


"Marillion's re-interpretation of "That's What Friends Are For" (originally from The Jungle Book) was recorded at Steve Hogarth's house in October 2006.
The remainder of the CD is Marillion's only live full-band performance in 2006, recorded on 24 June at the Wianki festival in Krakow, Poland "

Marillion's Christmas Message

That's What Friends Are For
Separated Out
You're Gone
Fantastic Place
Out of This World
An Accidental Man
The Damage
Between You and Me
Cover My Eyes

chupenla mangs de cagones, el disco es malisimo
ya lo borre del rigido asi que se fue a cagar.

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